Mitchell Abrons, Jr.

Coaching Specialties: Budgeting, Accounting, Finance, Quick Books, Excel, Taxes, Payroll

Mitchell’s educational background and extensive experience in Finance and Accounting enables him to quickly identify and address monetary issues his clients are experiencing. He has over 20 years of experience in accounting management working in complex corporate environments as IBS, Closet Works, and Champion Logistics. He holds a Masters of Science in Finance and Accounting Management. Over the years, he has successfully coached top level Executives, Business Owners, Non -Profits and Ministries.

Mitchell enjoys spending time with his family and watching movies.


Dr. Irene M. Abrons

Coaching Specialties: Executive Leadership, Transition and Change Management, Small Business Owner/Executive, Small Business Coaching and Dissertation Coaching

Irene has over 20 years of executive experience in Fortune 500 Companies, Small Business, Higher education and Non-profits. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Her client initiatives specialize in business development, strategic planning, marketing, and operations management. She works with organizations, executive teams, individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners. She is a faculty member in two universities teaching at all academic levels.

Irene enjoys spending time with her family and shopping.


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